I am Mohammed, a Devops Engineer who is passionate about everything related to computers and computer science.

I love Linux, I love containers! I love Gitlab! I love cloud! ALSO I am interested in computer networks, system design and software architecture.

I love programming! I prefer Python and Golang, still I wrote a good amount of code in C/C++, PHP, and javascript (Node too) … Not to mention that I am always open to learn new programming concepts and paradigms.

Besides computer science, I am interested in startups, education, and new technologies. I am also a FOSS advocate and a [blogger](.

I love nature, food, and travel and if it wasn’t for computer science, I would have been a world traveling chef, who writes movie reviews from time to time.


  • IdSpace: My own learning framework - GitLab, Hugo and Markdown.
  • CS job market mining: Mining job market data and presenting it in a dashboard. - python, scrapy, metabase, MongoDB
  • MJSS: A bunch of toy applications written in JS.
  • MISC: Some toy projects I worked on at school - C, PHP, Node.js, Python

Talks and workshops


Community had a great impact on me, in the professional and personal level.


I love teaching! when I was at school, I’ve been responsible of the training division of the informatics club in ENSAK. Also I taught a Semester at Sorbonne University.

  • Database Security - @ M1 Masters at Sorbonne University - Paris.


I cook and Travel

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