Today I learned abour Redpanda which is a streaming service alternative to Kafka.

  • Redpanda has implemented its internal Raft concensus algorithm and has no Zookeeper.
  • Redpanda is writting in C++ which make it JVM free, and more developer-friendly for non Java Devs.
  • Redpanda is compatible with Kafka API.
  • Redpanda laverages WASM to enable one-shot transformations. Devs can write their data transformation in any language (compilable to WASM) and compile it to WASM and run it in Redpanda.
  • Redpanda comes with a Panda Hub which contains Open Source transformations.
  • Redpanda is fast, because it is written in C++, uses thread-per-core architecture to use all the underlying hardware.
  • Redpanda comes with an intelligent auto-tuning out-of-the-box which generate optimal settings for hardware/kernel/Redpanda setup.
  • Redpanda achieves 19x better tail latency than Kafka.
  • Redpanda is easier to use than Kafka.

More on performance also very good discussion about C++ vs Java when it comes to tail latency.